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CryptoMarketAds, crypto ads and marketing marketplace is continuing to expand its reach in the cryptocurrency market by listing on Idax.pro and opening marketplace for advertisers in August 2019.

Riga, Latvia, August 8, 2019 — CryptoMarketAds cryptocurrency, CMA token, is going to be listed on IDAX.pro exchange.

The specific time is shown below:

Trading Start Time       : 17:00, August 12, 2019 (UTC+8)

Withdrawal Start Time : 13:00, August 14, 2019 (UTC+8)

CryptoMarketAds.comis a new marketplace which solves all crypto advertising and marketing problems by connecting crypto market publishers and advertisers in one place (marketplace is working already and got over 600 offers for sale).

Advertisers with any budget will have the opportunityto buy marketing services for the lowest prices on the market directly from publishers avoiding middle-men.

Things good to know about CryptoMarketAds:

$CMA token is the only payment option in the marketplace: https://www.cryptomarketads.com/marketplace

Marketplace publishers will lock-up up to 5 million tokens to get 50% discount on Fees. (1000 Publishers = 5 Billion tokens locked, huge scarcity)

Also, publishers will have to lock-up 5000 CMA to publish their crypto ad and marketing offers for sale. Meaning existing publishers to continue offeringtheir services will have to lock-up CMA tokens very soon.

Partnership with development and marketing company:

ASAP Heroesprovides full startup help in fields such as development and marketing. Also, outsourcing of internet marketing services for the monthly subscription.

More here: Asapheroes.com


CMA website: https://www.cryptomarketads.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.cryptomarketads.com/CMA_whitepaper.pdf




YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuxX-rPnrI4j2KqybFk_-jQ

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cryptomarketads/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cryptomarketads/

Medium: https://medium.com/@info_85454

Steemit: https://steemit.com/@cryptomarketads

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/CryptoMarketAds










Summary – Mr Ahmad Aljariri, CEO of The Private Office of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, member of the royal family of Dubai (UAE), has announced the launch of the new era cryptocurrency – Hamdan Token.

It will be an innovative and revolutionary step towards investing in robotics and artificial intelligence based on ERC 20 technology, thereby paving the way for the citizens of the UAE and GCC to make profits from the endeavor. The Hamdan Token will be comprised of unique qualities and will be used as Payment Mode, Artificial Intelligence & Investment.


Body – Cryptocurrency has become the in-thing today with more multinational giants joining the fray into investing in this market. The prime example is that of Facebook that is going to launch its crypto token, Libra very soon in the crypto market. This move signifies that the crypto market is the emerging trend today.

The United Arab Emirates has always taken the lead in investing in innovative products on its way towards creating many records in this field. The Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are not new to the UAE as the oil-rich conglomerate of nations have launched the Dubai Blockchain strategy in 2016, thereby becoming the first country in the world to introduce this technology for all Government documents by the year 2020.

Maintaining this trend, Office of His Highness has planned to launch the Hamdan token very soon. The primary aim of launching this cryptocurrency – Hamdan Token is to invest in AI and robotics and will spur investment in a massive way, as it will boost the market of crypto and encourage people to make profits from their investment. Office of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum Inc has already been registered in the state of Delaware, USA and also acquired virtual currency license from USA with the domain name www.hamdantoken.io Hamdan token can be booked through www.shkhamdan.ae or www.hamdantoken.io. It will hold a PRE-ICO sale at AED 1.00 where token holders will receive a 125% bonus, thereafter ICO will be held in five phases. Upon the completion of the ICO, the token will be listed on multiple public exchanges. The price of Hamdan Token will change according to the demand and supply in the market.


Below are the ICO details:

  • Round 1 – 100%
  • Round 2 – 80%
  • Round 3 – 60%
  • Round 4 – 40%
  • Round 5 – 20%

We shall introduce the distributor and sub broker scheme for the ICO which will support the system to reach the individuals / end-users easily. As an incentive, Office of His Highness has stated that the Hamdan tokens will be given as intelligent Airdrop to all the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) nationals on registration who invest in this endeavors a per the following table.

  • UAE NATIONALS 50 Hamdan Token
  • GCC NATIONALS 25 Hamdan Token
  • UAE RESIDENTS (Others) 5 Hamdan Token


Vision – As it is, the UAE is on its way towards surpassing the USA in the digital token sales race. Dubai is already the world leader in terms of transforming digital expertise. This offer by Office of His Highness will confirm UAE’s position as the leading investor in the crypto market. GCC nationals will get a golden opportunity to invest in the crypto market and consolidate UAE’s position as the leading investor nation in cryptocurrency.


Aim – Cryptocurrency is going to be the future of the financial market. The entire world is recognizing this fact with more multinationals joining the fray. Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and robotics are the three prime areas of investment today. Firstly, this token will be used as a mean of payment and to be used online, retail shops, shopping mall. Token- based on Artificial Intelligence will help us to discover banking, finance, agriculture, healthcare, autonomous vehicles etc. Hamdan token will attain the sustainability of due to the backing of Royal Family of Dubai. The proceeds of the Hamdan token sale will go towards investing in these areas of technology, thereby ensuring a better life for people all over the world. AI and robotics have tremendous scope for development in almost all fields today.

Right from managing spacecraft to the financial market and the gaming industry to the health sector, AI has engulfed everything in its way. The D-day is not very far away when AI will equal or surpass human intelligence. It explains the substantial investment into these fields from almost every corner in the world. The ideal way to invest in AI and robotics today is through the crypto market. This Hamdan token can set the trend for other cryptocurrencies to follow suit. Hence, the Hamdan token holders stand a fantastic chance of gaining tremendously from their investment by taking the lead.

As one looks at the current trends, the Hamdan token stands a chance of securing a bumper ICO. Under such circumstances, the offer of five plus free tokens each can prove to be a tremendous opportunity to GCC nationals to further investment and gain substantial profits from the same. As far as awareness of the cryptocurrency goes, no one knows them better than the GCC nationals because of the continuous exposure to the crypto market for an extended period.

Office of His Highness has a reputation for encouraging investment in the crypto market for a long time. He understands the importance of public-private partnership to achieve these objectives. This investment in the crypto market through the Hamdan token is an opportunity that any business-minded GCC national will never afford to miss, especially with the sweetened deal of having a chance to get five Hamdan tokens from the hands of the Sheikh himself.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. Invest at your own risk.

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We always talk about innovation, and we still agree that the Internet has been a great revolution in
recent years. And if we look at the large companies listed on the US stock exchange, we see that
some of the world’s largest companies are exclusive to the Internet. We can see that Amazon and
eBay, two of the largest, are exclusively marketplaces (places that in one way or another are places
to buy and sell goods).
Nobody ignores that these companies achieve significant benefits, often with dubious practices that
end up harming the end-user, us.
“This is why Mainston was born, to be the eBay without eBay.”
Mainston Team
The proposal of Mainston
Mainston is a project that is creating a complete marketplace, which will run on the blockchain in
order to offer a series of value-added services for sellers and buyers, eliminating intermediaries and
offering more competitive rates for both parties, while benefiting from a more transparent
relationship where you can generate value through social interactions within the platform.
The user as the center of the ecosystem
When we talk about Mainston having a proposal centered on the user, we are talking about using all
the available tools to add value to the user, understanding that if the user benefits, the entire
ecosystem will benefit.
What are the main problems that a user can perceive and that are the key in a marketplace?
Intermediaries and banking tools that make the final transfer more expensive. Mainston offers us to
eliminate these intermediaries to the maximum and thus obtain more satisfactory exchanges for
both parties.
Privacy of personal and banking data used for payment. Traditional businesses have hacking risks
and also have access to sensitive banking data. Mainston uses blockchain and smart contracts to
avoid data leaks and payments with cryptocurrencies eliminate the problem of access to bank data.
Invasive advertising based on the use of the platform. The data obtained from the user will always
be their permission and will be used only within the platform to offer offers.
Transparency as a flag
Perhaps the most critical contribution that Mainston offers us is transparency. But openness at all
The platform that Mainston proposes to us is a decentralized platform that runs on the blockchain of
Ethereum through smart contracts. What does this mean? That the “operating rules” of the company
are public and auditable at all times, with all users being witnesses of how things are going to be
Economic management will be one of the pillars of that transparency. Each sale will only have a
commission of 2% of the total purchase. That money raised is sent to own wallets, and they’re a
smart contract manages it without the possibility of theft or mismanagement:
75% of that revenue will be shared benefits with network partners. Since an own token will be used
(STON token, standard ERC-20 in the Ethereum network), the smart contract will manage this
distribution among the partners. There is no chance that anyone, inside or outside the company, will
compromise the funds.
25%, the remaining part is allocated for software developers and maintenance of the platform.
There is a decentralized marketplace operating in the market, but none offers this level of
involvement with users, even sharing the benefits with them.
The management of personal data, which will be discussed later, will also be managed
Voting system
The transparency that Mainston offers us reaches the point of management. As a decentralized
platform that we provide to be, decision making will also be decentralized.
Users of the platform will be able to decide how the platform evolves by voting for the options they
consider most appropriate.
Have you always wondered why eBay does not have that option that seems fundamental to you?
Well, in Mainston you can have it if you get people to vote for it to develop. The Mainston
developer team will progressively implement all decisions that have been made by the community.
This system is what is called decentralized governance. And there is the talk of what is the future of
organizations and the evolution of companies as we know them.
Retail socialization
The management of personal data is one of the points that most concerns users, and this is where
Mainston offers us both a high transparency, but a great opportunity.
In the first place, data management will always be transparent due to the use of smart contracts over
the blockchain. The data will be transferred to be used only within the platform for the purpose for
which they were assigned — no third parties are enriching your data.
Users will be able to choose which data will yield and which will not. And if these data are used for
any study or to send personalized offers, the user who has given the data will benefit, receiving a
part of the money generated in that transfer of personal data.
Also, certain social functions will be implemented, which will allow us to receive part of the
benefits when we bring new users to the platform with our recommendations.
Mainston has a well-defined objective and a highly qualified team to carry it out. It will be exciting
to follow the evolution of the project in the coming months to be one of the first to become part of
this new way of approaching business relationships.
Useful Links:
Mainston Web – https://www.mainston.com/

  • The Ecom platform grows with the development of its fitband

It seems clear that this year 2019 is the year of the maturation of the projects. The market is incorporating new proposals, and only the most innovative ones will remain in the long term. In Ecom, they know it, and for that reason, they bring us their most novel proposals that are in full development.

  • Ecom e-wallet as the central core

When we talk about the mobile wallet of Ecom, we do not talk about a simple wallet. We are talking about the center of an ecosystem. We are talking about the first stop for a whole family of services focused on the user.

The Ecom wallet is the primary tool for managing the EcomToken token (ECK), as well as the leading cryptocurrencies. With this wallet, you can make online payments, transfers between users, and advance a little more in the evolution towards the “cashless” society that is approaching. Always focused on innovation, safety, and satisfaction of user needs. They are even developing the payment by NFC.

  • What are the main features of the wallet?
  • Apart from the basic functionalities that we can expect from a wallet today, we have new and powerful features.
  • Send and receive the ECK token and the leading cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, BNB, LTC, etc …).
  • Make payments with an Internet connection or NFC.
  • Added security layer to prevent hacking and theft of coins stored in the mobile wallet.
  • Receive daily interest for the coins deposited in our wallet. Before the banks paid you for having money in the account, that’s how it always has been, and that’s the way it should be; What Ecom proposes is to return to that point where the user receives his fair compensation for being part of a system in which they all win. Interest will be charged in the form of an ECK token.
  • INTERCONNECTION WITH THE FOLLOWING ITEMS IN DEVELOPMENT: this is the most critical part, which we will detail below.

As we said, the wallet is the central node of the ecosystem that Ecom is building. All the features that we have already mentioned are joined by the large future projects that will be interconnected with the wallet.

On the one hand, this wallet will be linked to a bank card, which can be used for payments and as an offline coin store. For its development, it is working with several banks already established in the market.

On the other hand, we have a large innovative project that we will talk about later: the fitness band connected as its ledger and connected to the wallet.

  • What is the EcomGym Ledger?

Outside the world of cryptocurrencies there have been two great revolutions, on the one hand, drones, and on the other hand the so-called “wearables,” electronic devices to be carried. Well, Ecom proposes to unite the concept of “wearable” and the idea of cryptocurrencies.

We join those “fitband” bracelets that most of us already use with the unstoppable evolution of cryptocurrencies, and we obtain the EcomGym Leder. This bracelet is an improved “fitband” that includes a ledger inside. For those who do not know, a ledger is a hardware device that allows safe and impossible to steal all kinds of cryptocurrencies (the best-known wallet hardware on the market are Ledger and Trezor).

  • What can we do with the EcomGym Ledger?

First, we have the most basic application of a ledger, which is cryptocurrency storage with the advantage that it is a safe device and practically impossible to steal. Also, the bracelet will be interconnected with the wallet to make movements with the funds of the bracelet. We will have a payment device integrated into our wrist, and we will only have to configure it to pay with a single gesture.

We will also have the primary applications of a “fitband” such as the measurement of heart rate, calories burned, distance walked, and steps are taken (pedometer), all connected by Bluetooth to our mobile. These measurements are essential because depending on the token we select, these measurements will be the ones that help us to mine the tokens that we will then use for payments and transfers.

But this is not the only thing; the bracelet will be able to work with all the applications of GYM Base and GYM rewards. We are talking about introducing a new concept of mining, while underlying digital currencies such as bitcoin work with a test of work (PoW), the bracelet will work with the original idea of the exercise test (PoE). In this way, we will be mining various types of coins when we exercise or interconnect with applications that will give us rewards when we perform specific exercises or challenges that the application proposes.

For example, we can exercise and work hard to accumulate tokens on our bracelet, to finally use them to pay for a concert, and also pay for it with the bracelet itself without the need to print any ticket or anything. Incredible.

And precisely linked to what we talk about music comes another of the characteristics that will offer us in the sum of wallet + band: the “Ecom Records.”

Ecom Records are a new way of spreading music and promoting new artists. Through the EcomTokens of our wallet (or our bracelet linked to our wallet), we will be able to access the streaming of music content on our devices. Once again, the innovation of the blockchain technology helping to empower the creators, eliminating intermediaries and resellers.

  • Conclusion

Given all the novelties that await us in the ecosystem Ecom, it seems a good idea to follow carefully the evolution of this complex project, which offers us real and tangible solutions to improve our lives and place ourselves at the forefront of innovation in health and means of payment.

Official Web Links:

EcomToken Web – https://ecomtoken.com/
Telegram – https://t.me/globalecomtoken
Twitter – https://twitter.com/TokenEcom
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/global.ecomtoken








 CoVEX — A Single Platform to Complete the Entire Crypto Lifecycle


CoVEX has been emerging as the most comprehensive and easy to use platform for buying a cryptocurrency and using all modern trading services. CoVEX is not just popular for buying, selling, trading but CoVEX aims to become one-stop platform for crypto-exchange with the highest maintain security, user-friendly with reduced downtimes. CoVEX offers the first all in one crypto cryptocurrency exchange platform that incorporates all the features that you would want to see on an exchange platform.


CoVEX- The multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange:

When we talk about a cryptocurrency exchange, all you can think about are the features like buying crypto and trading it. At least this is what we were forced to believe. You will certainly be surprised after finding out that the CoVEX cryptocurrency exchange can do a whole lot more.

CoVEX crypto exchange platform is the complete package. It is no secret that the majority of cryptocurrency exchanges were developed by enthusiasts with only a small fraction of them having the requisite technological maturity to help keep cryptos safe. 









 “CoVEX Exchange is now live with the most advanced system lowest fee on Buying and Selling your favorite cryptocurrencies.”


CoVEX Exchange Features:

Suitable to All:

CoVEX crypto exchange is suitable for everyone. From a beginner to world class traders, this platform does not fail to impress its audience. For a beginner, the CoVEX exchange will be bringing in a new feature called social trading which allows users to copy every trade a reputed trader makes on the platform. Thus, guaranteeing a winning trade each and every time.

Earn BTC, ETH, USDT and more

The platform also allows its users to earn more crypto just by holding the in-house coin i.e. the CoVEX coin in their wallet. Thus, simplifying the money earning process. These profits are calculated on 50% of the commissions of each transaction that takes place in the exchange and is distributed equally according to the number of tokens that each user has at the time of the distribution. That is, the more CoVEX tokens you are holding on your wallet, the more rewards you will receive in different tokens.

Discount in Buying and Selling

CoVEX, the revolutionary crypto exchange has the perfect solution for saving your money while paying a trading fee. No one likes to pay the trading fees. However, we all need to pay for the convenience that a crypto exchange offers when we start trading. CoVEX has an in-house token called the CoVEX coin which helps all users save trading fees. If you hold 1,000 CoVEX token or more, they provide you 50% discount on trading fee of your buying and selling any cryptocurrency in the CoVEX platform.




CoVEX Referral Program

CoVEX offers you to get up to 15% commission for every successful referral. The inviter will receive the corresponding Referral Bonus from the transaction fee, each time the invitee completes an order. So, for a beginner, this is a gold mine filled with opportunities.



“Our motto is better, faster, stronger and safer because the market needs a crypto exchange which will not fail investors.”


 CoVEX Roadmap of future development:

CoVEX exchange will be few platforms that you would require to complete your cryptocurrency investment lifecycle. The platform will integrate several features such as margin trading, social trading, p2p lending, prepaid cards as well as a payment processor. It will be offering its users everything that they ever wanted, in the same place. Thus, giving it an edge of all the existing trading platforms.

  • Social Trading (copy trading): For a beginner or trader who are not active in the crypto but like to take a profit on the growth of crypto, the CoVEX exchange is bringing in a new feature called social trading which allows users to copy every trade a reputed trader makes on the platform. Thus, a winning trade each time by following Top traders at CoVEX.


  • Margin trading: CoVEX will simplifying Margin trading to a very large extent. Most of Margin trading with the house but CoVEX is providing a platform where Margin lenders and Margin can meet. In the CoVEX platform margin lenders can set rates/ratio of leverage and return. They will setup the condition how return & risk can do control.

Unlike traditional margin trading where the funds get liquidated as soon as they breach the margin line, on CoVEX users receive a warning when the value of funds is close to the margin line. Thus, users get an opportunity to add more funds and have a longer position on the funds. Thus, instead of losing everything at once, CoVEX provides its users an opportunity to make more profits and avoid unnecessary losses.


  • P2P Loan: The CoVEX platform also implementing a decentralized p2p lending service. This allows users across the world to receive loans in lesser time and even reduces the repayment fee while at the same time protecting the interests of the lender.


Payment Gateway & Pre-paid Card: CoVEX is an all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange that supports all cryptocurrencies and is also providing a crypto payments gateway. In order to propagate the blockchain technology further, this platform will provide merchants with a crypto payment gateway service. Merchants have the option to convert each payment they receive into fiat money or can also receive it in cryptocurrency.

CoVEX Pre-Paid Card will be providing the users with a prepaid card that can be used in any offline store that accepts card payments.









The CoVEX trading platform essentially helps to satisfy all your trading needs. Being the only platform to be providing so many different features, it will certainly gain the support that it deserves. If you are looking for a new trading platform, you now have the perfect solution right in front of your eyes. By using CoVEX exchange, you get to access a plethora of powerful tools at one place. Thus, simplifying your journey through the crypto space.


Official Web Links:

Web: https://covex.io

Telegram: https://t.me/CoVEXplatform

Twitter: https://twitter.com/covexcoin

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/covexcoin/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/polojoan/

Medium: https://medium.com/@covexcoin

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/covexcoin/



ThunderBoltCoin as a spearhead against sustainability issues
We live in an era in which electricity consumption is involved in problematic situations. The
token presented in www.Thunderboltcoin.io challenges one of humanity’s greatest
problems, sustainable life for the planet. At present, energy generation from renewable
sources and recycling is scarce.
Over the last few decades and increasingly, we have witnessed multiple initiatives that seek
to solve the environmental problem. Sometimes through clean energy investment
mechanisms, sometimes through traditional cleaning and collection initiatives (mostly local
Also, on the web, we find campaigns and platforms that promote a stay on the planet more
sustainable. Recover the indispensable forest areas and a long list of tasks remains to be
done. ThunderBolt presents another of the pillars for improving our practices and promoting
a more sustainable existence. Access to efficient, innovative and cutting-edge technology
without barriers to adoption – that’s the key to ThunderBolt and the TBC token.
Easy access to state-of-the-art technology with ThunderBoltCoin
The most innovative technology is not always applied to the domestic environment,
sometimes it is reserved for large corporations and/or large-scale private projects.
This is not the case with the ThunderBolt project, which offers innovative technology
from the highly efficient power generator with Pelton RX-18 turbine; designed by the
expert Antonio Romero. A milestone in A. Romero’s field of study that has
proposed an innovative waste management and energy efficiency model.
The project is based on advanced developments for waste management and energy
generation. Generators, vehicles and a range of products that can pave the way for
clean energy and sustainable practices. Despite the great technological advances of
recent years, millions of people do not have access to electricity.
Another of the projects headed by the engineer and expert Julio Isgleas, which he
has been developing for several years, with an optimal result, is based on a highfrequency resonator, which transforms frequency into motion. This induces on
special coils, which convert high frequencies into energy, to charge the batteries,
allowing it to be implemented in any device that consumes them, whether direct or
alternating current. The system is prepared to save between 60-70% of the energy
cost of an electric motor. The resonator will be induced by a solar plate, as energy
consumption is very low.
The most viable solution could be to obtain an economic, efficient and sustainable
source of energy to which we all have access. However, the obstacles and
difficulties are evident due to the linear economy, production, and recycling model.
The technology presented in the project linked to the TBC token proposes a synergy
between them. Encouraging the tendency to use recycled materials from waste and
reuse of raw materials.
The Ethereum network chosen as the native ecosystem of the TBC
Today, we are not surprised that innovation, research, and clean technology projects
adopt the blockchain. The trend towards the adoption of blockchain as the basis for
the monetization of businesses and initiatives continues. An innovative and daring
project like ThunderBolt deserves a contrasted blockchain. Research and
development (R&D) are eternally linked to the technological field and the fusion of
both gives rise to the project.
In the universe of the blockchain, we find two walls that are still pending to be
demolished; complicated walls, such as adoption and ease of use for unversed
users. In this respect, the sector improves through the simplicity provided by
Ethereum and the programming of intelligent contracts with Solidity. The latter, the
programming language, and configuration of intelligent contracts in the Ethereum
network facilitates the creation of the ThunderBolt Coin token and compatibility with
multiple decentralized ecosystems.
Ethereum is the most adopted, secure and proven smart contract blockchain network
date. An unquestionable choice to offer the highest possible token operating
capacity. This and other details may favor decentralized adoption of innovative and
sustainable technology.
Details on the launch and distribution of the TBC token
The TBC token is issued under the conditions listed below. A maximum of
6,000,000,000 TBCs have been created. The price of the token we recommend to
consult the official website www.Thunderboltcoin.io because it depends on the
phase of acquisition. The distribution of tokens created in the Ethereum network is
based on the following proportions:
● 50% total combined quantity of tokens intended for the pre-sale and initial sale.
● 20% are allocated for project founders, management and operations.
● 15% is the proportion allocated to research and development (R&D).
● 10% is the amount allocated to marketing and promotion.
● 5% reservation of the ThunderBolt project.
The range of products that drive the TBC token towards global
On the website www.Thunderboltcoin.io, you can get information
regarding the complete range presented among which you find a machine called
Taurus 10,000. Capable of disposing of up to ten tons of waste per day. It is presented as
the first part of the list. There is no doubt that the accumulation of waste both on land and at
sea is a global problem. Including an entire market that hosts the monetization of “landfill
countries” whose environmental situation begins to be critical.Taurus 10,000 could be the
solution for waste management in distant situations to be sustainable.
The prototype of the Taurus 10,000 system has been verified, approved and the
results of its production have been documented both by video and by an expert report
created by an official laboratory in the Czech Republic. The results were so positive
that we can start with the production of series.There are already several orders for the
Taurus 10,000 machines and to be able to establish the production plant we start now
with the pre-sale of the TBC in order to generate the necessary funds for the
construction of the plant.
The second product launched by the project listed in the listing found on the website
is an electric motorcycle. The OPTYMUS, ThunderBolt motorcycle is presented as a
100% electric vehicle that incorporates an RX-18 engine; the motorcycle’s range is
between 150 and 200 kilometers, with a single charge. The global adoption of
electric vehicles is proceeding slowly; most manufacturers are opting for hybrid
vehicles. ThunderBolt presents fully electric motorcycles that can be exchanged for
the TBC token, so the use and adoption cases seem to have been thought up in
State-of-the-art technology at home with ThunderBolt
A change of trend experienced by the sector is taking blockchain technology to more
and more everyday areas. Crypto coins or tokens are generally associated with
financial speculation. A trend that changes with great speed. During the bearish
market experienced in 2018, much of the crypto coins or tokens with dubious utility
were screened. This cleaned up a market full of new projects and generated a level
With proposals like TBC, projects of dubious innovation have every day more
complicated to enter the competition in favor of projects elaborated and supported in
true utility. In terms of sustainability, much is expected of large companies and
production chains. At the same time, global energy demand can become an early
problem. The innovative Green Pegasus electric boiler, capable of optimising energy
costs in homes, can also be purchased with TBC tokens. These and other products
will form part of the created ecosystem, generating use cases and utilities for the
ThunderBoltCoin token.
Link web:
TBC social network links:
Telegram – https://t.me/thunderboltcoin
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/thunderbolt.coin.5
Twitter – https://twitter.com/coin_thunder
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/thunderboltcoin7/
Mewe – https://mewe.com/i/thunderboltcoin

Dexage a user-centric Hybrid exchange startup has proven that it is a viable project from its recent
vetting and approval for an IEO on two reputable exchanges.
If you have been following this project, you will know that team has not deviated from its road map. Its
ICO ended May 31st 2019 and its IEO is started on the 22nd of June 2019. Its investors are delighted with
this development and the tenacity of the Dexage team. The question you might have now is; What is an
IEO? And how do I participate in the Dexage project?
Here are 4 parts for easy understanding and quick assimilation.
What is an IEO?
An IEO is a way through which cryptocurrency startups raise money to execute their project. The
acronym IEO stands for Initial Exchange Offering. It is an advancement in ICO (Initial Coin Offering)
because it is conducted on an exchange rather than the startup’s website.
ICOs are unregulated and thus dubious projects were able to raise money through this means from
unsuspecting investors. In 2017 and early 2018, billions of dollars were generated through ICOs,
however nearly 80 percent of these ICOs were identified as scam.
IEOs are safer, legitimate and more reputable form of ICOs; Because they are conducted on Exchanges,
these Exchanges want to maintain theirtrust and reputation thus they strictly vet these startups before
listing their token for IEO.
Another advantage of IEOs is that the tokenssold are received immediately and these tokens become
available for trading on the exchange that conducted the IEO.
One of the first IEOs was carried out on BinanceLauchpad; $7.2 million was raise in the sales of
BitTorrent token in less than 15 minutes. In Fetch.AI’s IEO the hard cap of $6 million was reached in 22
It is safe to say that tokens issues through IEOs are tokens from a legit project.
Who does the IEO benefit?
An IEO is of benefit to the investor, the startup and the Exchange. When aninvestor invests in a startup
through an IEO, he can rest assured that the project has been vetted by Exchange before its listed thus
the risk of investing in fraudulent Project is eliminated.
The Startup saves money and time in heavy unprofitable marketing,in looking for an exchange to list its
token for trading after crowd sale, and in competing with fraudulent Startups in the free ICO market.
They only need to concentrate more in developing their project.
The Exchange gains the satisfaction that they are listing a token they have vetted to be legit; they also
earn in listing fee and fees from trading of the token on its platform.
Why did Dexage go into IEO?
Dexage is a decentralized exchange with a multi-tier trading ecosystem. It features include
 Decentralized Crypto Exchange
 Centralized Exchange
 P2P Fiat -Crypto Trading
 DXG Staking
 P2P Lending
 Mobile Chat Dapp for Socio-economic Transaction
 DXG Decentralized Automated Organization
 Intelligent One-Click Diversification for Crypto Asset Manager
The legitimacy of Dexage has been proven by 2 reputable exchanges that have vetted and approve the
Dexage IEO on their platform.
Where and When will the Dexage IEO be carried out?
The Dexage IEO will be carried out on two exchanges
 Biforex
 Exmarkets
Biforex is an exchange that is registered in the republic of Seychelles, it has bases in the Singapore,
Japan, Hong Kong etc. Its 24 hours trading volume is about 1.2 billion USD. Most IEO that run on this
platform get sold out.
Dexage IEO on BitForex is slated to run from the 1st of July to the 5th of July 2019.
Exmarketsis an exchange that is a subsidiary of Chain Framework ltd.
Dexage IEO on Exmarkets will run from the 22nd of June to the 8th of July 2019
Trading of the DXG tokens both platforms start on the 22nd of July 2019.
Note that once a coin is sold out on a platform, the IEO will automatically end on that platform.
Dexage if a platform that will revolutionize Trading. It’s a project trader are looking up to as it gives
traders complete control of their funds eliminating middle man fraud or Hackers invasion.
The approval of the project by BitForex and Exmarkets further proves that its solid.
Investors who are yet to invest in the project still have an opportunity. Head over to Bitforex and
Exmarkets create an account and buy during the IEO. The IEO price is $0.0008 per DXG token.

The Webcoin project announced yesterday the launch of the first of its kind Digital
Marketing 2.0 platform. The launch is scheduled for July 1, 2019. A link to register for
the beta will be provided by the Webhits.io team just before the official launch date.
Currently, you can buy the WEB token on 20+ cryptocurrency exchanges, the full list of
exchanges is available here.
What is Webhits.io?
Webhits.io is an interest-based p2p web and social media service exchange platform.
The platform’s mission is to provide tangible results, increase advertiser Return on
Investment (ROI), and significantly lower the costs for website and social media
engagement services globally.
A distinctive functionality trait of the platform is the innovative Social Mining feature that
will fundamentally transform the relationship between advertising and cryptocurrency.
What is the WEB toke and what is used for?
Webcoin(WEB) is a utility ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The WEB
token serves as a unified currency for buying and selling services within the Webhits.io
How an advertiser can increase ROI results?
Unlike any other existing and relatively overpriced social media platforms, Webhits.io
offers 10 times cheaper advertising services. Much like Facebook, Twitter, Medium and
Pinterest the Webhits.io is also interest-based. This allows sole proprietors, businesses
and global brands to more effectively advertise their offers to highly targeted countries
of interest. Connecting with and capitalizing on interest-based audience will result in an
increased ROI for advertisers.
What is social mining?
Unlike Bitcoin, Webcoin social mining requires almost no GPU and CPU. Webhits.io
suggests much simpler ways to earn Webcoins within the platform. Social miners are
individuals who offer social media exposure for a fee. A miner’s duty is to provide a
certain amount of exposure in the form of likes, shares and follows for a company. The
miner would be motivated to deliver the service because a rewarding portion of
Webcoin revenue will amount to his service fee.
How does it all work?
1. The advertiser buys 1 Webcoin from a cryptocurrency exchange or the Webhits.io
2. The advertiser spends 1 Webcoin within the Webhits.io platform and sends an order
for a predefined amount of social media exposure (e.g. 200 social shares, likes).
3. The Webhits.io platform receives 1 Webcoin and sends an order to miners for a prenegotiated amount of social media exposure.
4. The miner delivers the service successfully.
5. The Webhits.io platform confirms the completion of the task, and pays the L amount
of 1 Webcoin to the miner. The Webhits.io platform retains the remaining of 1-L portion
of 1 Webcoin.
By retaining a small proportion of Webcoin on every operational cycle, the remaining
public supply of the coin will slowly decrease over time, leaving the team with
disposable Webcoin assets at hand we would like to refer to as temporary operational
“inventory”. The goal here is to create scarcity on the cryptocurrency exchanges which
will increase the demand for Webcoin and ultimately its market price. The Webhits.io
platform will generate income by offering this Webcoin “inventory” to advertisers, or by
directly selling it on exchanges, thus maintaining the long-run public supply of Webcoin
● WEB token official website: https://webcoin.today
● Platform website: https://webhits.io
● Telegram announcements: https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=@webcoin
● Telegram chat group:
● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/webcoinico/
● Twitter: https://twitter.com/webcointoday

MPCX platform combines advanced technology and market expertise
At MPCX(https://mpcx.co), the core team has been focused on transparency and diversification.
Both are keys to the success of prolific management. We appreciated in the technical
documentation of the MPCX Platform that they assign fundamental importance to both. For
diversification, a range of indexed products has been developed; and for transparency, it has been
chosen to operate on the blockchain network; taking full advantage of the possibilities provided by
new technologies combined with the experience obtained in the design, treatment, and sales of
indexed products.
The combination of both sides results in a hybrid market that mixes the strengths of blockchain tech
& traditional markets. This step should ensure the long-term growth of the platform and users base
interested in successful investment and communication with high profile investors. In this line, the
MPCX Platform is presented, taking the tokenization of new indexed products to the global
universe of cryptocurrencies and tokens
“we will create a blockchain driven decentralized ecosystem to manage innovative investors’
portfolios of crypto assets.”
the MPCX Platform Web.
To tokenize the whole ecosystem which we will describe below, several phases have been devised
consisting of the processes necessary to inaugurate a new ecosystem of negotiation around the
cryptocurrencies with more weight in the market.
MPCX Indexed Investment Products – Stage One
The complete platform will offer an enormous range of possibilities when fully developed.
Together, it will make all the following cryptographic services available in one place:
• Fully digital client onboarding to reduce costs and provide clients’ with a user-friendly
• Digital cryptocurrency exchange ( for the top 100 cryptocurrencies by
market cap.
• Crypto payments, transactions, and banking solutions.
• Custody and wallet solutions to provide secure safekeeping of client funds.
• Three investable crypto indices (https://mpcx.co/firststage#popup:youtubevideo9), a crypto
AI fund, crypto ETNs, and ICOs.
• The MPCX Platform Trading Solutions will offer full access to the product platform,
arbitrage system, a trading terminal, and reporting.
• A digital wealth management platform will offer roboadvisory through its “Digital Smart
Investment Mandate (https://mpcx.co/firststage#popup:youtubevideo2 )” which will deliver
automatic portfolio rebalancing, crypto lending strategies, and reporting.
• MPCX’s ICO promotion and research platform will offer the two levels of access to ICOs
with full industry coverage.
• MPCX’s crypto lending platform which includes borrower scoring and will match loans with
lenders’ potential.
During the first stage of the final ecosystem to be developed, several unique Digital Wealth
Management (DWM) tokens are offered that were created internally for innovative investors. By
creating three cryptographic investment indices, they will provide investors with a solution to
increase the diversification, efficiency, and returns of their portfolio. The three indices presented
CLT: It is the index that includes the ten leading cryptocurrencies (by market capitalization).
M20T: The second range of the products is made up of the following 20 in market capitalization.
SBCI: Smart Beta factor Crypto Index is the most special; it runs on an AI algorithm.
Smart contract drove roboadvisory AI computer protocol (DSIM)(
Without any bit of doubt, a whole menu within the trading platform. The digitization, automation,
and management of governance are beginning to happen. Governance is the killer app of Ethereum;
in this line, we can observe events that consolidate these forecasts. Digitization and adaptability of
ecosystems for traceability, systems resistant to censorship with gateways for electronic commerce,
voting on boards of directors endorsed by the security of the chain of blocks and multiple
The innovation in automation and governance presented by MPCX Platform focuses on specific
intelligent orders. Automated orders based on the parameters assigned by the creator of the order
(mandate). This type of smart mandates (orders) for digital investments is called DSIM. The DSIM
orders refer to the “Digital Smart Investment Mandate”.
Combining DSIM orders and the MPCX Platform indexed products
(https://youtu.be/AFS0ERvEhK0) open the door to another level of investment. The execution of
purchase and sale with cryptographic indices will be done through smart contracts as follows:
• Smart contract receives subscription order
• A client verification
• NAV computed
• Smart contract execution according to code
• Order settlement
The keys of the DSIM system
The protocol processes all customer information and creates an appropriate digital investment
strategy in the context of the customer’s overall digital financial plan. Therefore, once the historical
data has been collected, it implements this plan calculated according to the code offered by the
wallet based on investment risk tolerance and other relevant factors.
Factors include risk tolerance, investment objectives, horizon, liquidity needs, and the user’s general
cryptographic wealth creation objectives. DSIM will facilitate automated tracking of a target during
periods of market disruptions and panic. In this way, errors that are caused by fear or uncontrolled
euphoria are avoided.
This system has been designed to prevent emotions and automatic responses that can lead to less
prudent actions. This offers to automate the desired objective, and if desired, the users combine it
with the indexed products of the platform, seeking the highest profitability in the management of
their digital portfolio.
Road to improved profitability with the MPCX platform and XDMC token
At MPCX, they have opted for a philosophy of diversification and transparency. Both are key to the
functioning of prolific and successful management. We appreciate in the technical documentation
of the MPCX Platform that they assign fundamental importance to both. For diversification, a range
of indexed products has been designed, and for transparency, it has been chosen to operate on the
blockchain network; making the most of the possibilities of new technologies together with the
experience obtained in the design, processing, and sale of indexed products.
The combination of both sides results in a hybrid market that combines the strengths of blockchain
technology and traditional markets. This step should ensure the long-term growth of the platform
and user base interested in successful medium and high profile investments.
The XDMC token is a utility token developed under the ERC20 standard on the Ethereum network.
At the moment, creation of the token has already been accomplished. The maximum total emission
is 999,950,416 XDMC. This will be the gas that moves the blockchain-based financial services
platform engine to manage cryptographic digital heritage.
For more information and a glimpse of the details of the project, we recommend visiting the website
and official links to social networks.
Official links to the MPCX platform
Web – Mpcx.co/
Github – Github.com/MPCXPlatformLTD
Telegram – T.me/MPCXPlatfromCommunity
Twitter – Twitter.com/MPCXPlatform
Medium – Medium.com/@mpcxplatform
Youtube – Youtube.com/channel/UCJrgPLexmtA4hA6ux5GTpQQ

In the universe of cryptocurrencies, we are accustomed to an essential characteristic, irreversible
payments. For a high percentage of adopters of crypto coins and tokens, this is essential and indispensable; however, it is a huge entry barrier for users who are not accustomed to dealing with this
type of transaction. The transactions presented by EthereumCard open the door to a new way of using the blockchain. With pros and cons that we will comment next.
Recently, an extensive exchange of cryptocurrencies such as Binance suffered a security failure; the
displeasure generated by the theft of thousands of Bitcoins was massive, affecting multiple users of
the platform and other ecosystems that maintain interconnection with the exchange in question. At
the time of Binance’s final report, there were approximately 7000 bitcoins in the hands of criminals.
As a consequence of the incident, the irreversible transfers or transactions in the block chains came
back to the fore.
Inverse transactions offer an alternative path that could combat these unfortunate events in favor of
providing alternatives to the already usual irreversible transactions. Also, it facilitates the integration of new adopters that come from systems such as Paypal or others; in which transactions can be
reverted in a wide range of cases.
Solutions proposed by EthereumCard to accelerate the adoption of p2p payments
In the last four years, the pace of growth of the sector has been put to the test. With a significant
correction, we have seen the market decrease the number of successful launches and seek new solutions to new bottlenecks.
The number of startups that reach targets remains significant, and the next step could be to provide
a user-friendly ecosystem for untrained users. EthereumCard combines a variety of features in its
project to provide a fast and straightforward experience. With the still abrupt volatility of a growing
market, simplicity and speed are required when trading.
Outstanding features of the EthereumCard platform ecosystem
On the other hand, better and more strict compliance with regulations and standards could provide
an adoption boost; increasing daily transactions on a global scale between peers and without third
parties. Let’s look at some of the details that could boost the global adoption of cryptocurrencies
and tokens.
The characteristics of the ecosystem around the ETHCD token are based on several utilities, so
we’re talking about a useful token. The following are the details highlighted by its founding team
for the description of the ecosystem devised.
Ease of use, without borders and with guarantee deposits.
These first three features are the flag of EthereumCard. It will provide ease to buy worldwide and
exchange worldwide, without borders. Also, it offers security deposit services for the correct health
of the ecosystem.
Compatibility with crypto space security standards.
EthereumCard will offer wallets 100% compatible with the base standard of cryptographic wallets.
This includes self-management of private keys by the user. One of the barriers to overcome to improve the adoption of blockchain technology is to facilitate the processes. Educating and training
the profile of the user not familiar with security self-management is part of this process.
Integrated Escrow Services.
Escrow services for exchanges between two parties are no longer a globally centralized matter.
Business between the two parties is facilitated by this service that manages the processes of operations between unknown parties securely and reliably.
Inverse Transactions on the platform.
The native ETHCD token platform will incorporate the reverse transaction function that allows the
two wallets to send a reversal confirmation in the blockchain for authorization. This facilitates functions common to the traditional ecosystem in the blockchain universe.
How to reverse transactions work on the platform
The characteristic that most caught our attention works peculiarly. It is a type of transaction that
generates a replica of the original transaction; however, the amounts are crossed about the first
transaction in time. Simplifying it, the balance originally received becomes the sent balance. Meanwhile, the balance originally sent becomes received. This does not eliminate the first transaction,
which remains on record. So, both in the chain of blocks and in the wallets resulting from the event,
you will be able to observe the history of events. And the balances are readjusted.
Inverse (or revocation) transactions are automatically posted to the same account for the same
amount. This makes it possible to reverse the event with a reverse transaction. This feature also prevents fraudulent attempts to generate random reverse transactions by malicious actors in the network. Thus, if one of the two parties requests that the reverse transaction be processed, the other
party must confirm it so that it can be carried out.
This brings us to the first mentions, on security in centralized exchanges and adoption. Also, it is a
matter of third-party wallets and other services that have suffered the scourge of irreversibly stolen
funds. The proposal is exciting, and the team states that it will host this type of reverse transaction
in its system. We could see in the future some unusual cases in which the stolen funds are entirely
located, and the attacker decides to agree to return them.
“Ethereum Card will enable reverse transaction feature for multidimensional contract on our
Mainnet on the blockchain technology.”
EthereumCard web.
Without a doubt, a new scenario that opens doors to adoption and hitherto unpublished situations.
These new solutions present new paradigms in terms of usability, security, and management.
EthereumCard has several social profiles and official links to follow its activity, news and soon the
launch of its token.
Do not hesitate to stay informed and review the technical documentation of the project to go into
more detail. We share some links related to the project below.
EthereumCard Web – https://ethereumcard.org/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/ethereum_card
Medium – https://medium.com/@ethereum_card
Telegram – https://t.me/ethereum_card

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Latest Crypto News, and Altcoin Reviews
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Plus Free Crypto Trading Guides, Tutorials, Latest Crypto News,
and Altcoin Reviews. (Coming Soon: Pro Trading Signals)
We hate spam as much as you do. Unsubscribe anytime.
Plus Free Crypto Trading Guides, Tutorials,
Latest Crypto News, and Altcoin Reviews
(Coming Soon: Pro Trading Signals)
We hate spam as much as you do. Unsubscribe anytime.