Huobi Launches New Service to Streamline Token Listing Application Process

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Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Group has launched a new product designed to streamline the token listing application process.

The new service, which Huobi developed to provide a more transparent listing process, is called the Huobi Automated Listing Platform.

Per the announcement, projects that want to list on Huobi Global or an autonomous digital asset exchange Huobi HADAX, will have to register and submit specific documentation about the project. The announcement states that the Huobi Automated Listing Platform “will not automatically list any token or coin that applies.”

Upon passing the verification process, applicants will receive a unique login account, which provides access to submit, edit, amend, and review documents and status of the token listing.

Projects that fail to pass the verification will be provided with a reminder notification of re-application to HADAX 2.0 and assistance in registering on the newly launched platform. Projects that decide to re-apply will have to follow specific application and listing rules.

The announcement also states that later this year, Huobi is looking to launch the Huobi Blockchain Project Show Center within the Huobi Automated Listing Platform, which will provide users access to reports, videos, and live broadcasts.

In July, Huobi Group launched Huobi Cloud, which allows users to build over-the-counter (OTC) and digital asset exchanges on top of Huobi’s existing platform. Partners will also be able to use the order integration and wallet systems, as well as the asset management and clearing system of the Huobi Global platform.

That same month, HBUS, the U.S. “strategic partner” of Huobi, confirmed the release of its API for “experienced traders” in some U.S. states. The product was geared to high-volume users who required live pricing data and other tools. In addition to price tracking, the API also offers historical price data, support for margin trade customization support, setting buy and sell limits, and retrieving trade history.

Huobi, the Chinese cryptocurrency exchange platform, has confirmed that its new Australian cryptocurrency exchange will begin trading today on July 5. Trading pairs will be phased in throughout Thursday from 10 AM Sydney time.

The Australian cryptocurrency exchange will initially offer 10 pairs including points like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Huobi plans to open more trading pairs in the near future according to the recent announcement.

Major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Coinbase and Huobi are pursuing the expansion of other exchanges in order to better accommodate a vast global investor base.

Crypto traders are increasingly more knowledgeable and sophisticated, in order to match the regulator interest in order to safely develop the crypto marketplace. For Huobi, the move to Australia is a great fit as they seek to partner with a growing number of Australian blockchain projects in order to help pursue the maturing market.

The exchange plans to contribute to the overall expansion of blockchain within their local economy via their investment subsidiary company Huobi Capital.  The investment company plans to invest $200 million of their Global Ecosystem Fund to new and upcoming blockchain companies.

Huobi, the Chinese cryptocurrency exchange confirmed today that they’ll be opening an office with over-the-counter (OTC) trading set to begin in the third quarter of this year.

The crypto exchange, which claims to have a global user base of over 5 million, continued its narrative to expand into Europe as a priority, establishing London as its new base of operations.

Huobi set its sights on London as being the major location getaway above all others.

A representative from the exchange stated, “London was deliberately selected as the first office in Europe due to its authority as a global financial center. The region has an active blockchain community in fast developing market”.

This move follows similar decisions with other major industry exchanges like Binance, who decided to relocate one of their offices to Malta back in April.

Huobi’s presence in London will also provide improved access to European financial markets as well as enable UK-based blockchain in crypto startups to benefit from their Huobi Labs and the Huobi Ecosystem Fund.

At the time of this release, Huobi is the third largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world trading over 500 million in daily trade volume according to CoinMarketCap.

The paid financial monitoring service, Bloomberg Terminal, has now listed the cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Cryptocurrency Index according to press release on June 21.

Nine cryptocurrency trading pairs will also be listed on Bloomberg terminal such as Tether (USDT), including Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), EOS ,Dash, Ethereum Classic (ETC), and ZCash.

The addition to the Bloomberg Terminal is a mark that cryptocurrency has now entered the mainstream financial marketplace. The CEO of Huobi Group, Cheng Huixin, stated that the listing reflects the overall trend of the market. These crypto investments are now, more than ever, considered a mature and rational investment method.

Huobi is the third largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading value according to CoinMarketCap. It currently produces over $570 million in trades over the last 24 hours of this press release.

In June, Huobi announced the development of their US cryptocurrency trading platform, HBUS, which will be created in San Francisco. The exchanges also reported that their launching a public blockchain called the Huobi Chain Project which currently has a $100 million development fund.

Poloniex, one of the oldest crypto exchanges in the global market, has become a major digital asset trading platform once again after years of stagnation.

Until 2015, Poloniex was one of the largest crypto exchanges alongside Coinbase. It was the go-to exchange for traders investing in smaller trading pairs like tokens and alternative cryptocurrencies.

But, controversy around the legitimacy of the exchange and the operating team of Poloniex led the platform lose out in tight competition, falling behind Bittrex, Bitfinex, Binance, OKEx, Huobi, HitBTC, and many other major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Circle’s Acquisition Leads to Revival

In February, Circle, a cryptocurrency and blockchain company that raised hundreds of millions of dollars from large venture capital firms throughout the past few years, acquired Poloniex for over $400 million.

At the time, the acquisition of Poloniex was controversial, primarily due to the stagnation of the exchange and the emergence of new exchanges like Binance and Huobi that started to gain dominance over the market.

While the Circle team spoke highly of Poloniex and its core development team, the community was not convinced that the exchange should be valued at $400 million.

After a month and a half since the acquisition, in April, the Circle team stated that it made significant progress in rebuilding the exchange, especially the customer support side of the exchange. Prior to the acquisition, Poloniex had 159,000 pending customer complaints.

The build up of complaints about the platform and its operations largely affected the downtrend of the exchange. Subsequent to acquiring the platform, Circle immediately implemented a strong communication and technical support team. It worked.

Within seven months, Circle turned around Poloniex and allowed it to climb back to its previous position. It recently surpassed Bittrex in volume, becoming a top 20 cryptocurrency exchange in the market.

“When the Poloniex-Circle integration began in late February, together we faced a backlog of 159,000 customer issues. Over the past 6 weeks, we have resolved 76,000 of those issues and added 6 new agents to our support team. We have tripled the number of engineers working on our wallet infrastructure and streamlined the process for notifying engineering when technical support is needed,” the Circle team said in April.

What’s Next?

Based on the volume of Poloniex, it is quite evident that the exchange has shifted its focus from serving ERC20 tokens and less liquid assets to major cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Stellar.

In the upcoming months, as the market regains momentum and volume, Poloniex will have to compete against Binance, Huobi, OKEx, Upbit, Bithumb, Bitfinex and other leading exchanges that have loyal user bases and robust reputation.

Although the mid-term strategy the company will implement remains to be observed, the fact that large venture capital-backed companies have started to rebuild infrastructure in the cryptocurrency market, as seen in the Japanese market in recent months, is positive.

South Korea e-commerce marketplace Ticket Monster (TMON) revealed it had closed a $32 million funding round for its new stablecoin Terra in a press release Wednesday, August 29.

TMON, which boasts a considerable $4 billion in total sales, is seeking to create an in-house cryptocurrency to compliment its existing token, Luna, which acts as collateral on its blockchain platform.

Contributing to the round are some of the cryptocurrency industry’s best-known names, including Binance Labs, OKEx and Huobi Capital, as well as funds including Polychain Capital.

“From experience, I know that faster, more secure transactions at a fraction of today’s fees could be a game-changer for many eCommerce platforms,” Terra co-founder Daniel Shin commented, describing the token’s potential as “immense”

“We foresee [Terra] being used for all types and forms of financial products like loans and insurance.”

Stablecoins are currently gaining popularity across various sectors of the global economy. Even banks, the first of which being Lichtenstein’s Union Bank earlier this month, have opted to issue their own token, which is usually tied to a fiat currency.

The TMON move marks a further conspicuous investment for Binance meanwhile, the exchange giant’s investment arm having signaled plans to create a huge $1 billion fund in June.

Explaining the impetus behind its contribution, Binance Labs head Ella Zhang highlighted TMON’s existing partner network of companies already waiting to use the token.

“While we see many stablecoins coming out, Terra’s journey is especially meaningful as they are designing one of the few price-stable protocols with existing, working, and strong go-to-market strategy and usage,” she said.

Shin forecast beta testing of theTerra payment system to begin in Q4.

Chinese tech giant Baidu has joined Tencent and Alibaba in imposing new anti-crypto measures in line with Beijing’s toughened stance, South China Morning Post (SCMP) reports Monday, August 27.

China’s ‘Google,’ Baidu, has closed at least two popular crypto-related chat forums, according to SCMP, with a notice reportedly informing users that the move comes “in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and policies.”

Meanwhile, Tencent — the operator of the 1-billion-user social media platform WeChat, has reportedly issued a statement announcing its own ban on crypto trading. The platform has said it will monitor daily transactions in real time and block any suspicious transactions accordingly.

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba — whose subsidiary Ant Financial runs the overwhelmingly popular internet payment app Alipay — has for its part said it will restrict or permanently ban any accounts it finds to be engaged in crypto trading.

All three announcements follow closely upon the heels of last week’s onslaught of toughened anti-crypto measures in China. These included a ban on all commercial venues from hosting any crypto-related events in Beijing’s Chaoyang district, alongside measures targeting communication channels or “loopholes” through which Chinese investors can gain exposure to Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and crypto trading.

As reported August 21, WeChat permanently blocked a number of high-profile crypto and blockchain related accounts — including CoinDaily, Deepchain, and Huobi News — that were accused of publishing crypto “hype” in violation of regulations introduced earlier this month.

On August 24, Alipay announced that it would block those accounts that use its network to transact in Bitcoin (BTC) over-the-counter (OTC) trade, and would further establish an inspection system for “key websites and accounts.” Ant Financial has also reportedly said it plans to conduct a “risk prevention” program intended to educate users about the dangers of false crypto-related “propaganda.”

On August 25, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) issued its own fresh warning declaring that it would be ratcheting up stringent measures against “illegal” ICOs.

According to CT Japan, new measures are also reportedly underway to toughen the “clean-up” of third-party crypto payment channels, including those used by OTC platforms.

This January, a fresh crackdown from Beijing had notably already seen fringe trading platforms including as peer-to-peer (P2P) and OTC resources banned, adding to a blanket embargo on crypto-to-fiat trading and ICOs in place since September 2017.

Whether you’re looking to save up for retirement or just want to try your hand at compounding your income instead of it collecting digital dust in your bank account, then investing in cryptocurrency could be a great investment alternative for you.

Many people understand the fundamental idea of investing in crypto, but can the same methods translate over to trading? As you might’ve guessed, the two require very different ways of thinking and investing.

As far as the investing part is concerned, it all boils down to the fundamentals, like the technology and development team behind the project. Solid marketing and partnerships also play a major role when deciding to invest in a newer cryptocurrency or ICO. Other than that, HODLing seems to work well for most and can benefit you in the long run if you stay strong during the inevitable dips.

However if you’re looking to make money right now, you need a more short-term trading strategy…

This means you’ll be looking for more volatile, high liquidity cryptocurrency. The potentially lucrative nature of this digital asset, is a lot more volatile than traditional stocks or forex, which opens you up to a world of potentially high profit margins and risk.

That’s why cryptocurrency trading can get a bit complex and the reason why so many crypto traders need a wide variety of tools to help them navigate this newfound territory.

I’ve listed a variety of high end resources and tools that can help you improve your cryptocurrency trading success. Bookmark this page as you’ll most likely need to reference it throughout your crypto trading journey.

Welcome to the World of Cryptocurrency Trading Tools


There are a ton of tools out there used for a variety of purposes. You can use them in combination with each other, whether you’re investing or trading. Strategy is a huge part of cryptocurrency trading and so are the tools that you have in your arsenal.

Arming yourself with the right intel is everything when it comes to choosing the right cryptocurrency to trade or invest in. News sources will supply you with the most accurate and up-to-date information within the crypto sphere. Technical analysis will help you formulate a solid trading strategy off of the latest news.

If you end up choosing the right asset, at the right time, and formulate a congruent trading strategy, you’re halfway through the battle. So it’s very important to take your time and utilize these tools, to the best of your ability, in order to put all the odds in your favor.

Let’s start this list off with the most obvious choice…


coinmarketcap-tools-cryptocurrencyYou can’t start a “crypto trading tool list” without mentioning this coveted resource. If you’ve spent more than five minutes within cryptocurrency ecosystem, I realize you’ve probably used this tool on many occasions by now.

This useful tool is your headquarters for all things cryptocurrency. It contains all the information you’ll ever need, on any cryptocurrency and exchange released to the public. Everything from graphs, official coin websites, social media information, market cap, exchanges that trade a particular coin you’re looking for, etc.

I’m sure you’re already very familiar with this tool by now, so let’s move on to the other goodies…


tradingview cryptocurrency guide how toThis technical analysis trading portal contains anything and everything you ever wanted to know about the technical side of cryptocurrency like chart patterns, candlestick formations, as well as the most comprehensive list of charting tools and indicators you can find anywhere on the net.

This massive powerhouse of a site also contains a social media style platform where traders can share and discuss their charts and trading strategies. I can’t even begin to tell you how valuable this is.

Learning to trade from real trading experts and viewing how they set up their real life trading strategies is a powerful learning tool to add to your educational cryptocurrency trading arsenal.

TradingView is accessible from anywhere in the world and they even allow you to utilize their charts, drawing tools, and indicators for free. If you spend any amount of time on various cryptocurrency trading sites, you’ll notice that most of them, including reputable crypto exchanges, use TradingView charts.

If there’s one place that you want to learn more about technical analysis via plotting your own charts as well as learning from a network of professionals, TradingView is the place to be.

I could write an entire book on how valuable TradingView is, but I don’t think either one of us has the time for that.

DISCLAIMER: Coinigy is another widely used trading platform that many crypto traders use. I started out on this platform but find it to be extremely buggy and takes up a lot of your computer resources if you leave the chart up for too long. Their customer support isn’t that great either.

I highly recommend TradingView over Coinigy for serious traders. I’ll most likely write up a detailed comparison in the near future.

Moving down the list…


cointracking info crypto track digital assets of coins bitcoin

Ditch those bloated Google spreadsheets and let CoinTracking do all the heavy lifting for you. Keeping track of your cryptocurrency trading activity is a rather daunting task this tool quickly eliminates for you.

The service imports your trades from 24 of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Importation can be done via CSV files or API. Once all your trades have been imported, you can start analyzing your ROI and stay up-to-date with your profit loss ratios and resulting taxes.

This is the ultimate cryptocurrency tracking tool. I highly recommend it if you plan on trading more than a few times per month. Read more about the tool here.

Cryptocurrency News Sites

I suppose this isn’t so much of a tool “per se” but a place you want to frequent when you want to keep a pulse on the latest happenings within the crypto ecosystem. Look at it like your daily newspaper for stocks, which is absolutely essential if you want to keep up with your expanding investment portfolio or current trades.

Some of the more established sites are:

CCN (CryptoCoinNews)
CoinSpectator (News Aggregator)
CryptoPanic (News Aggregator)

These news portals never post misleading information and are always the first to bring you the latest updates on the crypto world. There are many other sources like CryptoCoinJunky (shameless plug), where we filter through some the more important news releases of the day as well as provide you with trading guides, altcoin reviews, exchange reviews, and other useful information that will help you along your trading journey.

Sign up for our newsletter on the sidebar above (or below related news on mobile) and receive a free Crypto Coin Junky Handbook that contains 147 pages on everything you ever wanted to know about trading, investing, and other various aspects of the game.

<End of shameless plugin>

Moving onto more pressing matters….


coin360 cointelegraph chart

Run by those crypto geniuses over at CoinTelegraph, Coin360 is a platform that takes the most recent cryptocurrency values and displays them in an extremely useful visualization. Rate changes are displayed by use of color markers. Green represents a rise in price and red represents a falling price. This really helps bring clarity to a market that is so convoluted. Prices can be displayed in both BTC or US dollars. 

Users can also make changes to the chart by only selecting coins that they would like to see. You can also switch views between “market capitalization” and “trading volume” according to various time frames. 

This platform is easy to understand and allows for users to identify various cryptocurrencies and their market capitalizations without having to sift through tons of complex charts and data. 


ico stats performance crypto tracker tool reviewThis is an incredible tool if your into investing in ICO’s and are looking for a type of CoinMarketCap style site that specializes in Initial Coin Offerings. Here you’ll find basic information on any particular ICO that’s currently available or soon to be released to the public and accepting investors like you.

There’s also a very handy tool that calculates the potential profit (or loss) of your ICO, which will come in handy when you’re looking to keep track of how much you currently earned on your investment.

Ledger Nano Wallet

ledger nano cryptocurrency wallet hardware crypto The ideal security device for your precious cryptocurrency coins and the Cadillac of hardware wallets. It’s robust security features are unrivaled. It connects to your computer via a USB and embeds a secure OLED display to confirm each transaction with a single press of its side buttons.

There are many different reasons to use this wallet over others like…

  • Hardware wallets are always the most secure form of storing your cryptocurrency
  • They’re immune to viruses
  • Portability
  • They look cool (not really a benefit, but could be in the right situation)

cryptowatch site charts review live crypto prices and moreThe first time you view this site you might think you’ve been transported back to the 1990s era of the internet, however don’t let the retro appearance fool you, as it’s one of the top trading platforms to buy and sell digital assets, with all market comparisons located in one spot.

This site is owned by the cryptocurrency exchange, Kraken, and is a comprehensive charting and trading platform that offers technical charting for a large variety of crypto exchanges. Despite handling real-time data from over 22 different exchanges, the platform also provides accurate currency statistics (no lag) which will allow you to execute instant trades from their intuitive trading panel.

Many popular cryptocurrency platforms support like Coinbase, Poloniex, CES.IO, Bitfinex, Huobi, and many others.  Click here for a list.


blockfolio app android ios crypto tracking reviewOne of the most beloved tools from the crypto trading community. This Android/iOS app works as a position and investment tracker. It allows you to pin various cryptocurrencies on your customized dashboard and view them on a simplified graph. This allows users to keep track of orders, set alarms for particular price notifications and most importantly, allows you to input your trade data. This is the type of tool you need to have in order to track how much you’ve earned from a particular trade.

This is a must-have tool for those of you who are meticulous about keeping track of all the various cryptocurrencies circulating in your portfolio. The only issue I have with it is that it doesn’t connect via API to any market or exchange, so your trading data is not entered into the app automatically. So for now, you have to manually input your trading data.

All in all, it’s worth having as it’s free. If you’re trading or investing with over a dozen or so cryptocurrencies, keeping track of your profit ratio can prove to be a difficult task without it.

Another great alternative to Blockfolio is Delta . I’ve been hearing a lot of people singing its praises lately.


coinmarketcal logo review crypto market community This site is a great “evidence based”, community driven, crypto news verification portal that accumulates 6 months of history on many various news reports, altcoin releases, and just about anything going on within the crypto ecosystem.

This is THE perfect tool to differentiate between authentic news and rumors on your favorite cryptocurrency. Once you’ve gathered the authentic up information, only then can you formulate your trading strategy.

You can expect an accuracy rate of well over 90% due to the fact that it’s community evidence driven. This is a great place to visit in order to substantiate the difference between rumors and the news.


coincheckup market analysis cryptoThe perfect site to check up and analyze your favorite cryptocurrency, ICO, arbitrage, or potential investment opportunities.

This research platform gives you a ton of insights from various angles like…

  • Coin Specs
  • Investment stats
  • Predictions
  • Charts & Detailed Analysis
  • Github Analysis
  • Market Data
  • News and a lot more

One of my favorite features is the “general average investment stats”. It gives you a great overall picture of volatility and returns of a particular coin over the course of a 7 to 30 day period.

They’ve also recently added an ICO analysis chart, pump and dump updates, arbitrage opportunities, and a host of other categories.

Check out all their analyzation features here.


OnChainFX is an invaluable tool that will allow you to filter through a wide array of crypto metrics. Although it’s still in its beta stage, the extensive range of metrics that you can use to compare cryptocurrencies to is nothing short of amazing. It will also allow investors to make cryptocurrency comparisons in order to make a better investment decision due to the high number of metrics you can measure with. Some of the features provided by OnChainFX are… -	The total coin supply issued in a percentage format -	ROI and historical pricing data shown over many years so that investors can can the of the assets over time. -	Compare movements of 2 or more crypto assets by placing them side-by-side -	Cryptocurrency future worth which provides a coins value at year 2050. This allows investors to view the impact of inflation on various cryptocurrency’s and shows the estimated supply of the asset that would be available on January 1 of 2050. -	The number of days that have passed since a particular cryptocurrencies ATH.OnChainFX is an invaluable tool that will allow you to filter through a wide array of crypto metrics. Although it’s still in its beta stage, the extensive range of metrics that you can use to compare cryptocurrencies to is nothing short of amazing.

It will also allow investors to make cryptocurrency comparisons in order to make a better investment decision due to the high number of metrics you can measure with.

Some of the features provided by OnChainFX are…

  • The total coin supply issued in a percentage format
  • ROI and historical pricing data shown over many years so that investors can can the of the assets over time.
  • Compare movements of 2 or more crypto assets by placing them side-by-side
  • Cryptocurrency future worth which provides a coins value at year 2050. This allows investors to view the impact of inflation on various cryptocurrency’s and shows the estimated supply of the asset that would be available on January 1 of 2050.
  • The number of days that have passed since a particular cryptocurrencies ATH.

3Commas Bot

3commas trading bot crypto trading bot3Commas is the most comprehensive cryptocurrency trading bot out today. It’s helped 100s of traders experience consistent, record-breaking gains as the platform allows its traders to utilize automated trading bots as well as copied the exact trading strategies of successful traders that have recorded and display their portfolios to the public.

Traders are also able to utilize their smart trading feature which will allow you to customize your own trading strategies as well as set up stop loss and take profit commands.

This is a great tool to help both novice and advanced traders minimize their risk while limiting the exposure to heavy losses and at the same time maximizing gains.

Check out their long list of features located here (like the trailing stop loss).If you decide to use this “pay as you go” service, make sure to click here to take advantage of a 10% discount using my discounted referral link.

BONUS: Deadcoins

dead coins crypto and icos exit scam scammer icoOk…. So this site isn’t really that essential, however it is a good place to check if you find yourself getting a bit overly enthusiastic about a particular altcoin that looks too good to be true.

This site is an accumulation of numerous shitcoins which lists the ones that you’ll end up losing your hard earned money on. Deadcoins operates in the way Wikipedia does, where people find a report coins with absolutely no growth potential and report them as a way to prevent other users from falling into their trap.

Wrapping things up…

I highly recommend you bookmark a few these tools in order to better help you decide where to put your money when investing in any future crypto project.

These tools don’t necessarily mean that you’re going to make a guaranteed profit, however it does allow you to make a very informed buying decision, which is half the battle. Placing probability in your favor is the name of the game when it comes to any solid trading strategy.

Let me hear from you in the comments below regarding your thoughts are on the tools outlined above. If you have any other useful tools that you think should be added to the list, let me know. Up

IBM has signed a five-year AU$1 billion ($740 million) deal with the Australian government to use blockchain and other new technologies to improve data security, Bloomberg reports Thursday, July 5.

The major contract will see IBM provide technology such as blockchain, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to Australian federal departments, including defense and home affairs.

IBM’s Asia Pacific head, Harriet Green, told Bloomberg that the new partnership will give Commonwealth citizens access to the “world’s greatest technologies” “across many, many government agencies.”

The new partnership will catapult Australia to “the top three of digital governments in the world,” she suggested.

In her interview, Green placed repeated emphasis on ensuring data security for citizens – for which blockchain’s central offering of an immutable and encrypted ledger is a cornerstone innovation.

Green also saw the deal as a major step in Australia working towards a “paperless future” across different realms of the state’s jurisdiction, including taxation and border control.

Just today, the world’s fourth largest cryptocurrency exchange by daily trade volumes, Huobi, confirmed it had launched trading on its new Australian platform, with the new CEO of Huobi Australia saying the exchange is “keen to partner with the growing numbers of Australian blockchain projects looking to list in a maturing market.”

The Australian government’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) 2018-19 budget has already earmarked $530,000 for blockchain research, a move it says was prompted by a specific request from the country’s Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

IBM for its part has been steadily expanding its involvement in blockchain across diverse fields, with its Blockchain Platform successfully used just this week to power the first live operations in a major trading initiative involving twenty companies and five major banks.

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Plus Free Crypto Trading Guides, Tutorials,
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Plus Free Crypto Trading Guides, Tutorials, Latest Crypto News,
and Altcoin Reviews. (Coming Soon: Pro Trading Signals)
We hate spam as much as you do. Unsubscribe anytime.
Plus Free Crypto Trading Guides, Tutorials,
Latest Crypto News, and Altcoin Reviews
(Coming Soon: Pro Trading Signals)
We hate spam as much as you do. Unsubscribe anytime.